Authorised Warranty Repairing Services

We repair End-Users Computing Systems,Servers and Storage ,Network and Security Appliances with authorisation from the manufacturer without voiding the warranty.We replace parts failed on systems replacing with new genuine authorised parts.The services can be done onsite within the client’s premises or remotely or picking up the failed device to repair it at our depot.We track with the product/serial/part number to match the newer parts.Also we have a diagnostics software that detects the failed hardware.The services also have a fee according to warranty package level.

Authorised Consulting and Training Solutions

We also do authorised IT Consulting Services where we engage the clients and advise them to use the right IT Infrastructure and we do recommend them to implement the newer technology,we also advise to choose rights IT Products and Services to use.We also draft the IT projects for the clients in different vertical sectors to boost their IT Infrastructure. We provide trainings to the corporates,individuals the programs such Microsoft Trainings,Comptia Quickbooks.

Authorised Deployment,Maintain and Support Services

We also do deployment services in whereby we offer the installations in Client-End Computing(Desktops,Laptops,Workstations),Servers,Storage,Networking like installing the systems at the site,also setting up the softwares like Operating Systems(Linux Redhat,Suse/Microsoft),Deploying ERP Software like SAP,Oracle Database Systems.We do also network cabling by layout the ethernet cables.We can mantain the systems onsite or remotely using the tools to monitor the systems to know if there is any hardware is failing or reach the end of life thats needs an urgent replacement as some of them are business/mission criticial systems they must be up running,maintaing the software by creating backups/also having redundancy as they are central nerves of the business.We offer data backup& recovery.As a firm we are dedicated in supporting the systems by offering Onsite/Offsite support services as well to create a good result to our clients to handle their requests.The services can be done in the service subscription by purchasing warranty bundle packages from Foundational level up to Premium level whereby we deploy or maintain the systems.