We specialise with Client End Computing,Printers,Mobile Devices Servers/Storages,Networking+Security,Data Protection Products,Softwares,UPS,Workstations/Laptops to all vertical markets.

End User Computing

Servers and Storage

Networking and Security

We sell the networking and security

appliances to various corporates from small

to larger corporates to make their systems to

interconnect to other systems whether internal or external.We sell appliances like Routers,Access Points,Fabric Switches,Ethernet Switches,Firewall Appliances,Wireless Routers all range from entry to higher end like enterprise class.Also we sell equipments like CAT 5/5e/6 network cables,patch panels,racks.We specialise with brands like Cisco,Dell,Fortinet,HPE,Huawei, Juniper,Lenovo,TP-Link also Molex,Siemon.

Software Solutions

Our firm sells softwares products/licences to Clients/End-users in various vertical sectors according to the specific demands.We specialise with Microsoft Products like Windows Client/Server OS,Exchange, Sharepoint, Office Pro/365,MS SQL,Also Linux Products like Redhat OS,Suse OS,Oracle SQL,Data Backup Softwares like Acronis,Veeam Backup Software,Security Software Protection like Kasperky,Fortinet,Mcafee+Symantec

UPS Solutions

An organisation can’t compute without a backup power.We sell Uniterrable Power Supplies(UPS)Solutions to endusers or even corporates it ranges from entry level midrange up to higher level of UPS depends with the required on the system(s) at different environments.We are APC select partner whereby we resell and service the UPSs to avoid service disruptions with the factor of electrical blackouts.We also sell the accessories for replacements.
We sell End User Computing products like Desktops,Laptops,Tablets,Workstations, Point of Sale Computing Equipment for client/end-users.Those products can be used in different environment like home, work,school to meet the customer’s needs. We provide products from entry level up to high end level depending with the specific purpose.We specialise with various brands like Dell EMC,Fujitsu,HP,Lenovo. They will be either new or refurbished.We sell end-user computing accessories.
We specialise with Server and Storage Infrastructure where we sell entry level up to high end level server and storage products from small to larger corporates to meet their demands,also their costs. Servers/Storages are the central system to the organization by storing,hosting multiple files/application to multi users. We specialise with brands like Dell EMC, Fujitsu,HPE,IBM/Lenovo also Netapp.We can also sell server and storage accessories likes Racks,Hardrives,Processors,RAM, Motherboards etc for replacements.
We focus with other IT Solutions like Virtualization Technolgy where multiple applications/Operating System can be run on a single system we resell brands like Citrix(Xenapps,Xenserver etc),Vmware(Vcloud, Vsphere etc) by sell the licences+software. We also resell backup appliances like Veritas to ensure that the organisation can protect their data(it will be bundled by Veritas Backup Exec +Netbackup Software it licensed as well). We specialise in enterprise endpoint reselling product from Blackberry.

Other Solutions