Our Partners
Trivial System Solutions partnered with technology firms to empower Digital Transformation era to end users.There is list of Hardware,Software,Networking Providers and these are following who works with us:
Trivial System Solutions works with number of partners within IT industry.The partners help us with their products and services to deliver them to end users especially sales,technical support etc.Our company is proud of that as we built a solid foundation with our tech providers and provide us with updates of products and services,the events where resolve the issues for clients/end-users their newer suggestions.Also they help  us when there are some IT projects for corporates  with tools and training to draft the structures. Our tech partners and us as a firm implementing to Digitalize,Modernize,Transformize the infrastructure to digital era and we are ready for that,so as the clients/endusers must adopt to use Cloud Infrastructure obtained for tech providers like Vmware,Citrix. Linux(Red Hat and Suse).We thank these firms for approving us to work with them as families to build relationship between our clients in Zimbabwe and entire African continent,also in vertical markets to boost their productivity without challenges.